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Shantel Reitz the owner and founder of Misfit Mentoring, Core 7 Fitness, and Fueled Health. Shantel is an Alignment Coach, International Speaker, and certified Fire Walking Instructor. She guides high level individuals through healing their health, life, and business, to bring them into full authentic alignment so that they can accelerate to the next level.

With a diverse range of certifications and qualifications, Shantel is well-equipped to guide others on their journey towards personal growth and transformation. She is a certified Experiential Coach, NLP Practitioner, and certified Fire Walking Instructor. Her broad skill set allows her to take a holistic approach to coaching, addressing both the physical and emotional aspects of personal development. She is wildly obsessed with helping others achieve massive growth. 


Through her work, Shantel empowers individuals to break free from limiting beliefs and embrace their unique qualities and strengths. Her approach is rooted in the principles of experiential learning, allowing clients to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their goals through hands-on experiences and activities. Through her unique coaching strategies and retreat opportunities, she teaches her clients how to bring themselves into alignment in all areas of their life and business, accelerate their growth, and ultimately live the life of their dreams.

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